How to enable Pull Print integrations

Many companies offer "badge printing", "follow-me" or "pull printing" products, in which documents are not actually printed to paper until the user arrives at the printer and swipes a badge or otherwise identifies herself. 

Breezy enables seamless integration with dozens of pull-printing products, including those from:

  • Canon / UniFLOW
  • Equitrac
  • FollowMe by Ringdale
  • Fuji-Xerox
  • LRS
  • PaperCut
  • Ricoh
  • And many more

To learn more about pull printing and how it works, see What is Pull Printing?

To enable pull printing, simply log into the Dashboard, select the Connector for which you want to enable it, and check check "Use Impersonation" in the options for that Connector:


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