Setting up the Universal Queue - Mac

This article explains how to add the Universal Queue to the list of available printers on your Mac.


Step 1

Visit and login with your Breezy username and password. You will see a Unique Path near the top of the page.  Refer to this page to copy your Unique UQueue Path, which you will use in Step 3. 

Note that this URL is unique to you and anyone who has it can use it to add documents to your UQueue, so you should not share it with anyone.


Step 2

Launch the the Printers and Scanners app (Press ⌘+Space to bring up spotlight, and type “Printers & Scanners”). Click the + button to add a new printer:



Step 3:

Click the IP tab and enter the following information and then click Add:

    1. Address:
    2. Protocol: Internet Printing Protocol - IPP
    3. Queue - copy and paste the Unique Queue Path you obtained in Step 1.  It will look something like this: /ipp/print/E6FEF3BAC2E489E9348CDF3... (note the leading '/' character).
    4. Name: Breezy Universal Queue
    5. Location: Blank
    6. Use: Generic PostScript D


Step 4

When prompted, leave the checkbox blank, and click OK.



Step 5:

The queue should now be ready to use.


Any job printed to this printer will appear in your Universal Queue. You can then use the Breezy app to release it at any printer to which you have access.

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