Setting up the Universal Queue - Mac

This article explains how to add the Universal Queue to the list of available printers on your Mac.


Step 1

Visit and login with your Breezy username and password. Under "Get the UQueue Virtual Driver for your Computer", click Download for Mac OS


Step 2

A window will pop up prompting to you Request OSX Bundle.  Click Request OSX Bundle. The link will immediately update to say "Requesting ..." and you will receive an email with an attachment.




Step 3:

Check your email for an email from Breezy Service (,  with the subject line Breezy UQueue Printer Bundle for OSX is ready.  Click the link to download your customized UQueue installer.


Step 4:

Double click on the installer and follow the prompts. Once done, your UQueue should now be ready to use:


Any job printed to this printer will appear in your Universal Queue. You can then use the Breezy app to release it at any printer to which you have access.

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