[Android] How to set the default app for opening/sharing


When you tap on a file hoping to send it to Breezy in order to print it, you don't get a menu prompting you for what app to send the file to.  Instead, some app opens up, and maybe shows you the file you tapped.  But you never see a prompt asking you if you want to open the file in Breezy, send the file to Breezy, share the file with Breezy, or anything like that at all.

(E.g., instead of getting a menu that includes Breezy, your file is simply opened in Polaris Office, without any prompting.)



Your Android device thinks it already knows where you want to open the file, so it doesn't prompt you, so you never see an option to open it in Breezy. The device thinks it already knows this because there is a "default app" set for that file type.



Clear the app defaults for that file type.  

Here's a good link showing how to do that: How to clear a default app setting on Android

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