How to Resolve "Could not Parse Response" errors


When logging in to the Home Connector, you receive an error message like the following:


A proxy or firewall on your local machine is intercepting traffic with the Breezy server and altering the response the Connector receives. Instead of receiving the response it expects from the Breezy server, the Connector instead receives a message from your proxy server or firewall -- and of course, the Connector cannot parse this kind of data.


This issue has been patched for most users in version of the Breezy Home Connector greater than 2.0. You can check your Home Connector version by following the instructions in this KB article: How to Check the Version of your Home Connector

If the version is greater than 2.0, please restart your Home Connector in order to force an upgrade to the latest version.

If the version is less than 2.0, you must uninstall your existing Connector and install a new one via the instructions in the following KB article: How to Upgrade from a Legacy Breezy installation


If you are on a version of the Home Connector that is greater than 2.0.15268 and you are still experiencing this issue, please file a support ticket.

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