How to Upgrade from a Legacy Breezy installation


As part of the upgrade to the latest version of our product, home users will need to remove the old ("legacy") version of the Breezy Connector and replace it with the latest version, and will need to replace their existing mobile apps with the new apps.

The mobile app upgrades will happen automatically for users of Breezy for Good.

This document explains how to know whether you need to upgrade your Connectors, and explains how to upgrade if you do.



Step 1:Confirm whether you have a legacy Connector

If your Connector has a version number that starts with 1 (e.g., 1.15209.204), you will need to upgrade.  If you aren't sure what version your Connector is on, please see the following KB article:

How to Check the Version of your Home Connector


Step 2: Confirm your account credentials

Accounts associated with legacy Connectors do not carry over to the new system, which is why you need to upgrade both your mobile app and your Connector.  

"Breezy for Good" users will have their apps upgraded automatically.  Users of our other mobile apps should download the latest Breezy apps from the appropriate app store, and look for an email prompting you to create a password for your new account.

Assuming you are using Breezy for Good, you'll need to follow the steps outlined in the following KB article in order to create a password for use with the new Connector:
How to Create a Password When Signed In via EMM Provider


Step 3: Remove the legacy Connector

There are three steps to remove the legacy Connector:

  1. Click Start->Control Panel
  2. Under "Programs", select "Uninstall a program"
  3. Click on "Breezy Connector" and click the "Uninstall" button.



Step 4: Install the latest Connector

To install the latest Breezy Connector, please see the following KB article:

How to Install the Breezy Home Connector

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