Advanced Installation Options

Although the familiar GUI is how most deployments are configured, the installers (*.msi) have several public properties that can be set at the command line.

There are two common scenarios for setting these values

  • Windows Core Server
    Since this edition of Windows supports only a minimal graphical interface, the administrator must supplies the values via a CLI.

  • Non-standard Properties
    Some properties cannot be set during a standard GUI installation, e.g. deferring authentication to a post-installation step.  You can skip authentication or skip validation, respectively, with the following:
    C:\msiexec /i BreezyWorkflowServices.msi SKIPAUTHENTICATE=1

    C:\msiexec /i BreezyWorkflowServices.msi SKIPSYSTEMCHECK=1
  • Automation
    To deploy a large number of Connectors in an unattended fashion, e.g. via remote Powershell sessions. By definition, this requires defining the properties via script.

For a list of all public properties that can be set at the command line, run installation from a DOS shell with logging options, e.g.

C:\>msiexec /i BreezyWorkflowServices.msi /l*vx!i c:\log.out 

The resulting file (log.out) will enumerate all public properties and you can also track their values during the course of the installation. Most of these values can (and should) be set from the GUI, except for the cases explained earlier.

 Here is another example of an unattended/quiet install that explicitly passes in additional parameters:

C:\msiexec /i BreezyWorkflowServices.msi /quiet ADDLOCAL=Connector SKIPSYSTEMCHECK=1 USERPASSWORD=opensesame API="" SERVICETYPE=LocalSystem /l!vx* c:\install.out


Additional Parameters

To pass these values into the service start parameters, use the form:

"--<parameter>=<value>", e.g. ""

To pass these values directly into the installer via msiexec, use the form:

"<PARAMETER>=<value>", e.g. "msiexec.exe /i <pathtomsi> RENDERINGENGINECLUSTERID=202" (all caps for the parameter name is required)



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