How to Install the Breezy Home Connector for OSX (Mac)

To install and use the Breezy Home Connector for OSX: 

1. Click here to download the Connector zip file. Save it to your downloads folder (should be ~/downloads).

2. Rename the zip file to 'breezy-connector-osx' and unzip the file.

3. Launch the Terminal app by hitting Command+SPACE, typing "terminal", and hitting enter.  You'll get a screen that looks something like this:

4. Type cd downloads/breezy-connector-osx and press enter.  NOTE: If you skipped Step 2 above, or if you renamed the file to something other than breezy-connector-osx, you will get an error here. Before filing a support request, please make sure that you're trying to navigate to the right folder.

5. Type python install.pyc and press enter. You'll be asked to enter your Breezy credentials (that's the email address of your Breezy account, and your Breezy password).

6. Enter the credentials. You will see "Authorizing..." and you may see a message warning about an "InsecurePlatformWarning", which you can safely ignore.  The installer should finish with the message "Breezy Connector is installed."

7. You can press command-q to close the Terminal window.

7. You're done! You can now print to the printers connected to your Mac via the "Print at Home" section of the Breezy apps.



Download link:


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