Installation Guide: Hybrid Deployments

Installation Overview

Hybrid deployments are of moderate complexity and can take several hours or more, depending mostly on how long it takes you to configure third-party components such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.

Before you Begin

Before you start the installation, please ensure that your environment meets the basic network requirements for running Breezy. 

Please also ensure that you have provisioned machines meeting the system requirements for the pieces of infrastructure outlined below.

Installing The Infrastructure

All Hybrid deployments require installation of one or more Connectors and one or more Rendering Engines (we recommend two in production environments, configured in a cluster).  You may also elect to deploy your own Buffer and/or a Processing Engine.  

The recommended steps for configuration are as follows:

  1. Install the Breezy Connector
  2. Install the Breezy Rendering Engine(s)
  3. (Optional): Install the Breezy Buffer
  4. (Optional): Install a Processing Engine
  5. Ensure your Connectors are set to use the correct Buffer
  6. Ensure your Connectors are set to use the correct Rendering Engine

Once you have installed the infrastructure, you should configure your printers. Once you have completed infrastructure installation and configured your printers, you can onboard users as shown below.

Onboarding Users

You have two options for onboarding your users:

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