How to Install the Breezy Connector


The Breezy Connector is typically installed on a print server containing your existing print queues - or otherwise any new computer or VM where you can create your print queues for each printer you want to make available through Breezy.

The Breezy Connector will advertise all Windows print queues installed on the computer on which it is installed (you can then later selectively hide or rename these print queues from the Breezy Dashboard).

To install the Breezy Connector:

  1. Procure a server meeting the system requirements and follow server prep steps listed below.
  2. Download the Workflow Services package from the Breezy Dashboard and install the Connector.


Prerequisite Step: Print Queue Installation

The Connector communicates with Windows to discover print queues -- meaning that if Windows does not know about a printer, the Connector will not be able to discover it. For this reason, it is important that you ensure that the print queues you intend to use with Breezy are installed on the Connector host prior to beginning installation.

In particular, this means that if you expect to server a large number (for example, hundreds or thousands) of print queues from a single Connector host, you may want to consider writing a PowerShell script to automate the process, rather than installing each queue manually.

If you choose to write such a script, you may find the following links helpful: 

Alternatively, Breezy engineers are able to develop a customized script for you via a Professional Services engagement -- just let us know if you'd like to discuss that option.

Optional (But Recommended): Adding the Print Server Role

Installing the Print Server Role on Windows Server will give you access to advanced functionality such as making the Print Management MMC Console available in Administrative Tools. It is recommended to use the Print Management MMC console to manage your printers.

Having access to the Print Management MMC console is a much more robust way to manage your printers than the "add/remove" dialog, and offers useful functionality such as the ability to import and export print drivers, which can be helpful in troubleshooting or in supporting advanced finishing options.

For how to add the Print Server Role in Windows Server 2012, please see  


Installing the Breezy Connector

Click here to download the Breezy Workflow Services installer package

When prompted, click save, and double click on the MSI once it's finished.  Then follow the steps below:


Congratulations! You've successfully installed the Breezy Connector. 

You can verify connectivity by logging into the Breezy Dashboard and selecting the Connectors tab.  The Connector you just installed will show a green light, indicating everything is working well.


One final step to mobile-enable your printers: mark them as Available in the Dashboard.



Congratulations! You're done.  

Next step: Print something! E.g., from iOS or Android.



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