Missing Enterprise Printer List

The user works at a company that has deployed Breezy enterprise-wide. The user has been properly onboarded and has printed successfully to corporate printers before.
When the user taps "Print at Work", instead of seeing the corporate printer list, the user sees a landing page asking them to sign up for Breezy Enterprise Edition, or to suggest that their IT personnel reach out to Breezy. 

In order to provide fast, accurate access to the corporate printer list, Breezy caches the list of available printers on the server. Occasionally, the cache will become invalidated and need to be rebuilt, meaning that a request to view the printer list that arrives while the cache is being rebuilt may cause an error. The Breezy app reacts to the lack of a valid printer list by displaying this landing page instead of a list.

Solution #1:
Tap the "back" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and tap "Print at Work" again.

Solution #2:
Login to the Breezy Enterprise Dashboard, select the Printers page from the left navigation bar, expand the problematic connector by clicking on it, and push the "Refresh Connector" button (circular arrow icon).

If the problem persists, please contact Breezy Support.

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