Breezy Home Connector System Requirements (Windows)

Operating System: Windows 7 or higher

.NET Framework: v4.5 or higher
This comes by default in Windows 7 and most recent service packs for Vista and XP, but if you're running a particularly old installation of Windows you may need to install it yourself.  Click this link to download the .NET Framework from Microsoft.

Configure your proxy settings (if any)

If you're using a proxy, you'll need to tell the Breezy Connector how to interact with it.  This is easy to do: just click on Settings in the Connector, then check the box for proxy support and enter your proxy details:
Network Requirements: Allow HTTPS traffic
Because of our commitment to security, Breezy uses HTTPS, the same secure protocol used by banks, for all communication with our servers. If you're running the Connector in an environment that blocks HTTPS traffic Breezy won't work. Check to ensure that HTTPS traffic is allowed and port 443 is open on your firewall.
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