System Requirements: On-Premise Deployment Model

Hardware/OS Requirements

    • A database, properly configured for production use.
    • An IIS Server Farm (or, if no server farm exists, at least two Windows Servers with IIS, configured in a failover cluster).  This server farm will host the Controller, the Dashboard, the Buffer and the Queueing Service.
    • Two Windows Servers to serve as Rendering Engines
    • Two Windows Servers to serve as Connectors

Windows Server Requirements

  • Each Windows Server can be a dedicated machine or a Virtual Machine with the minimum specs described in Breezy System Requirements.

Additional Software Requirements

  • SSL Certificates (PFX format) for both Buffer and Controller

Network Requirements

Each of the components in your deployment be able to communicate over the network with the IIS Web Services (Controller, Buffer, Queueing Service).  The Dashboard and Controller need to be able to communicate with the database.

Operational Requirements

You will need to create a dedicated domain account for Breezy services. This account will be used for running the Rendering Engine Service and also the Application Pools that run the various components hosted in IIS. Additionally, a such an account will make it possible to enable integrated authentication to both the database and Dashboard.

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