Connector Re-Authentication

If after you’ve completed installation of the Breezy Connector and need to change service parameters such as:

  • “Log On” account used to authenticate against your proxy
  • Breezy Enterprise credentials, i.e., update password or user account

You can easily update the Breezy Connector Service from the Microsoft Management Console by following these steps:

  1. Stop the Breezy Connector Service.
  2. (If changing the account used to authenticate against your proxy) Click the “Log On” tab, ensure the “This account” checkbox is ticked, and enter the required credentials:
  3. Next, re-authenticate the service from the "General" tab using the parameters below, replacing the values with your Breezy Enterprise account details:
    • --useremail --userpassword yourbreezypassword --usehttpproxy true --proxyaddress http://yourproxyandport:0000
  4. Finally, start the Breezy Connector service. *DO NOT CLICK "OK", CLICK "START" FIRST, else the start parameters will not take effect as these values are not persisted anywhere.

If the authentication is successful, an encrypted OAuth token will be saved locally and the Connector should function normally.


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