Finishing Options Not Working: Making Devmode Snapshots

For printer models using drivers that specify information to the printer in non-standard ways, it may be necessary to manually capture specific driver print states corresponding to options such as Color/Monochrome, Portrait/Landscape, Simplex/Duplex. 


For one printer instance of each of your driver types, first try printing the same document twice with Breezy - once with color on and a second time with color off - and observe if there is a difference or not. You can use any Breezy client to do this: the mobile app, UQueue/Universal Virtual Driver, web portal, etc.

For printer drivers that do not comply with recommended MSDN guidelines, proceed with Making Devmode Snapshots for one printer instance of each of your printer drivers which are not correctly passing options from the mobile device to the printer driver. 

Making Devmode Snapshots - Step By Step


  1. Start the Print Reaper from C:\Program Files (x86)\Breezy\Utilities\Breezy.Workflow.Utilities.PrintReaper.exe and, from the "Harvest Snapshots" tab, select a driver from the list box. In the Printer drop down, select the specific printer you will use to harvest dev mode snapshots:

  2. In the Print Management console, find the same printer and select "Set Printing Defaults...":
    Note: if you use "Devices and Printers" instead, make sure to go to "Printer Properties"->"Advanced" tab->"Printing Defaults" button and not "Printer Preferences"

  3. From the printer default properties, select "Portrait" for page orientation, "Simplex" for duplexing, and "Monochrome" for color. Note: each printer driver will have a different UI from the one shown below, but the principle is the same. Make sure to click "Apply" before proceeding!

  4. Take the snapshot in Print Reaper:

  5. Go back to step 3 until all combinations have been harvested (all 8 rows turn green)

  6. After taking snapshots of each combination, submit the harvested devmodes:

  7. Update Connectors and/or Rendering Engines

    After devmodes have been submitted, select the connectors you want to use on the dashboard and perform action "Refresh Devmodes". After a minute or two, connectors should be updated and ready to use the devmodes. If you have "raw" printing enabled (e.g. to address fidelty issues around certain font families), you should "Refresh Devmodes" from the action drop down for affected Rendering Engines as well.


If you are a fully onprem client see "Managing Dev Modes"

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