Websites Not Printed to Scale (Android)

When printing a website from within the Breezy app, the entire webpage is shrunken to fit on one sheet of paper.

This is an outcome of the way the underlying operating system provides the print data to the Breezy app. On versions of Android prior to 4.4, the only way for Breezy's internal browser to render the document is to obtain an image of the entire webpage, which then is scaled to fit a single page. Webpages that are longer than a single page will appear shrunken.

There is a workaround available for data that is available on the web (e.g., MLS listing data, or other information that is not behind cookie-based authentication), and it's simply to print by using the native browser to access the page, then "Sharing" the page with Breezy. When that method is used, Breezy's cloud can render the document instead of requiring it to be done on the device.
The upcoming Print Framework in Android 4.4 is expected eventually eliminate this issue and make it possible for us to provide a paginated printout of any web content, but for now, the workaround above will work for non-secured content, and secured content such as webmail will appear scaled when printing from Android.

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