Unable to Print to Home Printer

If you're having trouble printing at home, try the following:

1. Is your PC running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8?

  • For Vista and Windows 7 do you have the minimum SP1 update installed?
  • Is .NET 4.5 framework installed on your PC?
  • If no, to either bullet above please go to microsoft.com and update your PC.

2. Have you installed the Breezy Connector on your PC?

3. When you installed the Breezy Connector did you confirm your printers and print a test page?

  • If you did not do this then "open" the Breezy Connector on your PC and check. If no printers are visible then install the Connector again and follow the instructions.

4. Is your PC set to hibernate or sleep?

  • The Breezy App can only print to your home printer when the installed Breezy Connector and PC are turned on and running. A PC that is turned off, in hibernation or sleeping will not connect to the internet and therefore you will not be able to print to the connected printers from your Breezy app. So,Turn your PC on and keep it on.
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