How to Configure the Breezy Zephyr


Congratulations on getting your hands on a Breezy Zephyr! They're still pretty rare, so yours is a special case to warrant access to this brand-new, never-before-seen device. 

Note that in order for the Zephyr to be useful to you, it will have to get access to some printers. That means you must do one of the following:

  • Plug a printer in to one of the Zephyr's 4 USB ports, or
  • Join the Zephyr to a WiFi network where some printers reside.

Whichever option you use, you'll also need to get the device authenticated, so you have to join it to a WiFi network either way.  (Ethernet connectivity may be supported in the future as well - if that's important to you, please let us know.)


Here's how to set it up:

  1. Launch the Breezy app and tap the menu option.

  2. Tap the Zephyr menu option. 
    • If you don't see see a "Zephyr" option, it hasn't been enabled for your account. Drop us an email and we'll get it added for you.
  3. Tap Zephyr Setup.  
  4. This step varies a bit depending on whether you're on iOS or Android. 
    • On Android: You'll be prompted to choose a WiFi network.  Tap the one where your printers live, and enter the password.  Tap OK, and you're done.
    • On iOS: You'll have to manually enter the SSID and password for your network. Tap OK when done.
  5. Take about 15-20 deep breaths.  The Zephyr is detecting and install your printers, and authenticating them to your account.  This generally takes about a minute and a half, which is too short of a time to get anything else done, so you may as well just relax.  
  6. Done!  The printers will be available to you (and you alone) under the Print at Work section of the Breezy app.  Printer sharing across your organization is coming soon.


Please send Zephyr feedback to   Thanks, and happy printing!

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