Breezy System Requirements


This page provides canonical system requirements for Breezy servers. Prerequisites for specific servers will vary (e.g., Microsoft Office for Rendering Engines, IIS for Buffers, etc.) but all servers should be built from this baseline.


Base Server Requirements

OS Windows Server 2012 or higher
CPU 2 GHz or faster
RAM 4 GB or more
Storage 40 GB or more
Network Unrestricted outbound access to * via Port 443 if using Cloud or Hybrid deployment models (if On-Premise, talk to Breezy support and your network team about optimal routing).
Deployment Models and Servers Required
Note: 2x redundancy can and should be configured for all production / HA environments.
See Achieving High Availability with Native Clustering in Breezy for more detail.
Deployment Model Servers Required
  • Connector

Required for all Hybrid Deployments:

  • Connector
  • Rendering Engine


Optional Extras:

  • Processing Engine
  • Buffer
  • Beacon
  • Connector
  • Rendering Engine
  • Processing Engine
  • Buffer
  • Beacon
  • Queuing Server
  • API Controller
  • Database Engine (MySQL or MSSQL)


Server Preparation Steps

Server Type Pre-Installation Preparation Steps
  • Enable Print Server role on host
  • Install any print queues you want this Connector to surface via Breezy
Rendering Engine
Processing Engine
  • n/a
  • Install Web Server role
Queueing Server
  • Install Web Server role
API Controller
  • Install Web Server role
Database Engine
  • Consult Breezy Support and your DBA team to discuss best options.
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