Setting up the Universal Queue - Windows

This article explains how to add the Universal Queue to the list of available printers on Windows.


Step 1


Download the Breezy Universal Virtual Driver (UVD) here.


Step 2

Run the installer.

Accept the license agreement.

Accept the default Breezy API url

Begin installation of the actual driver and other components

If you are prompted for elevated privileges, accept and continue. 

Complete the installation

You should see a Breezy Universal Queue printer in your list of available printers

The first time you print, you will be prompted for your user credentials. Note: your authentication flow may depend on the type of integration at your company (Windows integrated, Okta, native Breezy, etc.)


If your Breezy administrator has enabled printer selection from within your UVD, you will see a dialog box prompting you to select a printer OR print to your Universal Queue. 

Congratulations! Your job is waiting in your UQueue for secure release!






Note: If you want to logout or re-authenticate, search for the Breezy UQueue logout console




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